Historic visit to Mexico: Manzanillo received the ship Alexander Von Humboldt, one of the world’s giants 


One of the largest cargo ships in the world, the CMA CGM Alexander Von Humboldt successfully docked at the Port of Manzanillo this August 21 at 7:38 a.m., which represents a historic day for said port since it is the first time that receives a vessel of almost 400 meters in length. 

The CMA CGM Alexander Von Humboldt is a vessel of great relevance in international trade, highlighted the Administration of the National Port System. With a length of 396 meters and a beam of 53.6 meters (width), and a gross tonnage of 176,546 tons, it is capable of transporting more than 16,000 containers. 

This giant of the seas will unload 2,339 import containers from China in Manzanillo and after Mexico it will continue on its way to other ports in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. She points out that according to the port authorities, not even in Brazil has a ship of this size docked. 

It should be noted that the largest ships in the world, including Evergreen, HMM Algeciras, HMM Oslo, have a length of 400 meters and a beam of approximately 60 meters, which means that the Alexander Von Humboldt belongs to that group of giants. 

Javier Moreira, country manager of CMA CGM in Mexico, said during the reception ceremony that she is the largest ship that arrives in Manzanillo: “Yes, she is the largest ship that has ever come to the shores of Latin America. Not even in Brazil.” 

Its arrival in Mexico required almost a year of preparation, since in general Latin American ports do not have enough capacity to receive vessels of almost 400 meters in length. 

The commercial freighter Alexander Von Humboldt is just three meters smaller than the MSC Amsterdam, another of the world’s giants with its 399-meter length, which docked in 2019 at the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas, and which made it the first commercial ship largest to reach the Mexican Port System. 

The arrival of the Von Humboldt to Manzanillo required a year of logistical work and marks a milestone in the history of this Colima port. 

For his part, José Antonio Contreras, executive director of Contecon Manzanillo, told local media that the arrival of this type of giant can boost Mexico’s economy as it will make the import and export of merchandise more efficient. 

“We have prepared for this moment in recent years, designing and sizing our terminal to be able to serve these ships. It is our obligation to ensure that Mexican foreign trade has competitive and efficient maritime logistics,” said the Contecon Manzanillo official. 

Contreras acknowledged that there was a risk that this giant would not reach Manzanillo and would have to be redirected to Lázaro Cárdenas, due to the draft of the Mexican ports, since this type of vessel requires at least 15 meters of depth both in the navigation channel as in the receiving terminal. 

This container ship was built by the South Korean shipyard DSME and delivered to the French shipping company CMA CGM on April 16, 2013. 

However, this titan of the seas sails around the world under the Maltese flag, but under the operation of CMA CGM. 

The successful arrival of it and docking at the Port of Manzanillo is a sign of confidence in the infrastructure, operability and logistics capacity of Mexico, highlighted the authorities of our country. 

Once the 2,000 containers are unloaded, their undocking is scheduled for August 23 at 08:00. 

 The port administration assured that the arrival of the CMA CGM Alexander Von Humboldt reinforces Manzanillo’s position as a high-level, innovative and efficient terminal in international trade. 

From this point of view, work must continue to maintain this operational excellence and strengthen Mexico’s position in the international industry. 

Source: Infobae