Tropical Cyclone Irwin: When did it reach Mexico after Hurricane Hilary? 


The National Meteorological Service indicated in its most recent notice the formation of a low-pressure area is expected to the south of the coasts of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero, and in the last hours it added to its potential, going from 20 to 30 percent its probability for cyclonic development in seven days. 

It has the potential to form a low-pressure zone off the coast of Central America in the coming days, and from there, strengthen to give life to the ninth tropical storm of the season, which will assume the name of Irwin. 

The National Hurricane Center of the United States also maintains surveillance and stressed that the system will tend to have a slow but progressive development and it is not ruled out that it will assume a little more strength when it meets the warm waters of the Mexican Pacific. 

If it reaches sufficient potential to activate Cyclone Irwin, the Pacific will already have nine developed systems at its forecast mark for 2023. To date there are eight: 

     Two tropical storms. 

     Two category one and two hurricanes. 

     Four major hurricanes at levels three, four and five. 

   Source: Informador