VIDEO: Australian castaway and his dog survive 3 months at sea, a tuna boat from Mazatlán rescues them on the island of Colima 


MAZATLÁN, Sinaloa.- A brave Irish traveler named Tym Shaddock managed to survive for three months on the open seas with his faithful canine companion after his ship broke down and he was forced to abandon it. 

The man and his dog, a large breed, spent at least 90 days in the middle of nowhere, facing the adversities of the shipwreck, reports Debate. However, their story had a happy ending when they were sighted by the crew of the “María Delia”, a tuna fishing vessel from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, on an island north of Manzanillo, Colima. 

The crew members rescued Tym and took him to the mainland, where they informed the Port Authority about the discovery. According to reports from the local media Tribuna de Bahía, Tym’s trip had started in the La Paz Marina, Baja California Sur, bound for the French Polynesian islands. 

Although the nature of the damage to his vessel was not specified, Tym was forced to abandon ship along with his loyal canine companion. Once rescued, he received medical attention and was hydrated with serums to ensure his well-being. 

The port authorities keep Tym under observation, ruling out any symptoms or side effects derived from his difficult journey. Once his stability is confirmed, the man will be sent back to his hometown along with his beloved dog. 

 Source: El Imparcial