Colima Prosecutor’s Office reports 184 homicides from January to March

Violence Wave of violence in Colima (Special Photographer/cuartoscuro)

The wave of violence that occurs in Colima is just unstoppable and so far, according to the State Prosecutor’s Office, it has left a balance of 184 murders from January to the last days of March, and only four people have been arrested for the crime of homicide.

Prosecutor Bryant Alejandro García Ramírez stated that 50 murders were recorded in January, 68 in February, and 66 so far in March.

He assured that work continues on the integration of the investigation folders for their judicialization; however, the investigations continue, and once having the corresponding evidence, the arrest warrants will be requested.

To an express question about the homicides, the state official stated that practically all of the murdered people had a history of drug dealing, criminal association, organized crime, and some were linked to fully identified criminal groups (cartels).

In this sense, he mentioned that they work in networks of family ties or with organized crime organizations, as he recalled that the origin of this increase in registered violence, mainly in the suburban area of ​​Colima and Villa de Álvarez, was the confrontation registered on January 25 at the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) of the municipality of Colima.

In addition to the murders that have been recorded in broad daylight, there has been the appearance of narco mantas with threatening messages between criminal groups and against state authorities, a situation that has caused fear among the population of Colima.

Similarly, the discovery of human remains in plastic bags has increased considerably and in crowded areas of the municipalities of Colima and Villa de Álvarez.

Likewise, the burning of vehicles and homes by criminal groups is another modus operandi that has generated terror among citizens and has caused a lack of affluence in the main commercial corridors of the metropolitan area.

Source: El Financiero

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