Military deployment in Colima after organized crime activity increases significantly in the state


Mexican authorities announced that the deployment of 950 army soldiers from the Joint Task Force Mexico intends to support actions against organized crime.

Mexico’s Defense Ministry (Sedena) stated that the detachment of troops consists of ground troops, riflemen, paratroopers as well as members of the special forces.

The military mobilization in question aims at the reinforcement of the rule of law in the region.

In this connection, come into force daily activities in the state of Colima, which fully respect human rights, is also a main goal.   

According to statements in a press release, state authorities have alerted citizens about the high violence taking place in their territory.

In just 48 hours, the murders of nine people were reported in different parts of Colima last week. Such violence is associated with the presence of organized crime groups.

It was warned as well the worrying increase in murders related to confrontations between members of the Los Mezcales group and the Jalisco Cartel–New Generation. The latter is greatly feared in Mexico because of its numerous crimes.