29 clandestine graves with 30 human remains found in the community of Tecuanillo, Tecomán, Colima


The prosecutor of Colima, Bryant Alejandro García Ramírez, reported the location of 29 clandestine graves with 30 human remains on a property in the community of Tecuanillo, in the municipality of Tecomán. This discovery was made during the electoral ban and was announced through an interview on a news program on the 90.5 FM station, in which the prosecutor detailed that “the heads were detached from the bodies.”

Unofficially, local media have indicated that the location of the graves was carried out in collaboration between authorities and groups searching for missing persons, following a search warrant issued by a judge. For almost a month, a specialized group of agents from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Colima carried out search work in the area, culminating last week with the exhumation of all the remains found. According to the prosecutor, one of the most chilling aspects of this discovery is that all the human remains had a peculiarity: the heads were detached from the bodies.

“During the electoral ban, in a property in the community of Tecuanillo, in the municipality of Tecomán, we located twenty-nine clandestine graves, there were thirty human remains. They had a peculiarity: in all cases, the head was detached from the body,” said the prosecutor during the interview. During the interview, the prosecutor of Colima also spoke about the causes of the disappearances of people in the state, highlighting the issue of the disappearance of minors.

He pointed out that 100% of the disappearance of children in the state of Colima has to do with the issue of \”abduction\” by one of the parents or a relative.

On the portal of the Attorney General of the State of Colima, the current statistical data of Missing or Unlocated Persons cannot be consulted, since the fourth quarter of 2023 no data has been uploaded to the transparency portal.”

“During the electoral ban, 29 clandestine graves were located in Tecomán, Colima. The prosecutor revealed chilling data

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