Solarever inaugurated its second 600MW production line in Colima, Mexico


With an investment of 35 million US dollars in specialized and automated machinery for the manufacture of 100% Mexican photovoltaic modules, the Solarever company inaugurated its second 600MW production line in Tecomán, Colima.

Colima is one of the states that in recent years has promoted the use of clean and renewable energy in Mexico, in addition, it has the largest and most important solar panel production factory in the country and Latin America, this type of project is the best option for the economic development of the entity and the country, without generating effects on the environment.

“The Mexican west coast, and especially Colima, is a strategic area for the solar market since it connects directly with the port of Manzanillo, which improves our export routes,” said Simon Zhao, president of Grupo Solarever.

After three years of growth in the town, Solarever Tecnología de América S.A de C.V, a Mexican company has decided to reinvest in the plant by increasing its capacity with a second production line, which has specialized and automated machinery for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules. , which seeks to streamline its production and the quality of its products.

“We have state-of-the-art machines designed to increase efficiency and quality, competing with any producer in the world. Additionally, our laboratory has unique tests in Mexico, which go hand in hand with the international certifications that our product has,” he explained. Carlos Gutiérrez, production manager at Solarever.

This second production line together with the first one will achieve a production of 1.1GW, which will keep it as one of the largest plants in Mexico. In addition, with this expansion, more jobs will be generated for the state, improving business opportunities in the town. With this new line, Solarever will increase its annual production to 1,100 MW.

The extension of this plant is a milestone in the development of clean energy for the country. It is worth noting that the machinery that Solarever has in its factory is one of the most advanced in terms of the development of photovoltaic technology, which allows it to continue to be one of the largest plants in the republic and Latin America, reaching 1.1GW of production capacity in an area of 16,000 square meters, which is equivalent to more than two million photovoltaic modules for domestic and industrial use that are distributed in the nine Cedis of the brand strategically located throughout the Republic and in the United States.

Source: Mexico Industria

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