Tropical Storm Rick continues to strengthen and could be aiming at Manzanillo


Tropical Storm Rick formed off the southwest coastline of Mexico Friday afternoon, local time. Outside of this, no other development is expected for the next several days at least.

Tropical Storm Rick is a few hundred miles south of Acapulco, Mexico, and is producing some disorganized showers and thunderstorms along the extreme southern coastline of Mexico.

Rick is expected to intensify over the next 12-24 hours and is likely to become a hurricane sometime Saturday afternoon or Saturday evening.

Rick will begin to see some dry air wrapping into the storm and also an approach to land by the end of the weekend and into early next week, where the storm will begin to lose wind intensity and may make landfall in Mexico as a hurricane or strong tropical storm.

The storm is expected to push northward over the next few days and approach Mexico southeast of Manzanillo, Colima. As it moves onshore, rainfall will pile up along the slopes of the Sierra Madre Del Sol.

As Rick pushes into the mountains, it will bring a significant risk of flooding near landfall, and mudslides will be possible in higher mountainous terrain. Close to landfall, wind gusts to hurricane-force are possible, but winds are expected to quickly drop as it moves onshore.

As the storm moves over the rugged terrain of central Mexico, some rain will push northward into parts of Texas for the middle of the week and could bring a renewed threat for flooding in the same areas that saw heavy rainfall from Pamela in northern Mexico and the southern US.

Source: Diario de Colima

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