14 politicians and candidates murdered in Mexico on the eve of the election


In just three months, 14 politicians have been murdered in Mexico, ahead of that country’s elections to be held in June, according to the newspaper El Universal.

The most recent crimes were reported on Monday, Feb. 26, when unknown individuals killed Armando Pérez Luna, pre-candidate of the National Action Party (PAN) for the municipal presidency of Maravatío, Michoacán, and Miguel Ángel Zavala Reyes, pre-candidate of Morena, also for the municipal presidency of Maravatio.

Both crimes were confirmed by the president of Mexico, Manuel Andres López Obrador (AMLO), who regretted the events. “They indeed murdered two candidates, one from Morena and one from the PAN, unfortunately,” said López Obrador during a press conference held on Tuesday, Feb. 27, in the Treasury room of the National Palace.

Among the victims is at least one woman who aspired to political office, and also people who had no direct relationship with the political race, such as the wife of one of the candidates and the brother of another.

In addition to the last two victims, the candidates assassinated since December are:

· Ricardo Taja Ramírez, candidate for mayor of Acapulco, Guerrero for Morena. He was murdered in a pozolería in the Diamante area of Acapulco last December.

RIP Ricardo Taja Ramírez

January 2024

· Giovanni Lezama Barrera, general secretary of the PAN in Morelos, was shot to death inside a gym in the municipality of Cuautla, Morelos, where he served as councilor and was lined up to run for a federal deputyship.

RIP Giovanni Lezama Barrera

· David Rey González Moreno, candidate for the municipal presidency of Suchiate, Chiapas for the Broad Front for Mexico. He was murdered when he was riding a motorcycle in the border area with Guatemala.

RIP David Rey González Moreno

· Sergio Hueso, candidate for the Citizen Movement (MC) candidacy for mayor of Armería, Colima. He was shot to death by several individuals.

RIP Sergio Hueso

· Miriam Nohemí Ríos Ríos, leader of the Citizen Movement (MC) in the municipality of Jacona, Michoacán. She was shot to death in the municipality of Zamora when she was tending her hat stand.

RIP Miriam Nohemí Ríos Ríos

· Marcelino Ruíz Esteban, former PRD mayor of Atlixtac, Guerrero aspired to be the PRD candidate for mayor of Atlixtac in 2024. In the same attack, his wife, Guadalupe Guzmán Cano, state advisor of Sol Azteca, was murdered. Both were shot to death on the Chilapa-Tlapa federal highway.

RIP Marcelino Ruíz Esteban

· José Alejandro Naredo García, the leader of the PRD in the Veracruz municipality of Cuitláhuac, was shot dead in the street.

February 2024

· Jaime Vera, candidate for Morena and PVEM for mayor of Mascota, Jalisco, was shot dead when he was outside an establishment in the municipality of Zapopan.

RIP Jaime Vera

· Juan Pérez Guardado, secretary of Social Development of the municipality of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, was murdered. The man was also the brother-in-law of Senator Ricardo Monreal.

RIP Juan Pérez Guardado

· The coordinator of the Citizen Movement (MC) in Guerrero, Julián López Galeana, was deprived of his freedom on the Sol highway, near Chilpancingo, Guerrero, along with two other members of the party. They beat him and then he was released. They point out “mistakes” by the aggressors.

RIP Julián López Galeana

· Yair Martín Romero Segura, candidate for federal deputyship for Morena, was murdered along with his brother in Ecatepec in an alleged armed attack.

RIP · Yair Martín Romero Segura,

Source: El Universal

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